Incoming Search Terms

To install Incoming Search Terms on blogspot, or not to install?

After careful testing and over a year of being online, I now know if its worth doing some Seo Tagging or not with this plugin.

Let me tell you that at first, we google blogger users were jealous of wordpress guys because we
thought there was a clear advantage to all the plugins they can have and we cannot, like a meta-description for individual post and incoming search terms for seo purposes.

Well you have to know that for the short term, with either wordpress or blogger, there is going to be a spike in traffic. But in the long term, google catches up and de-indexes some of those links and keywords. Well that is not really the case for all blogs and websites!

It really depends on what kind of niche you are in. Since i have been using this free tool (not affiliated link follows) to do my Keyword Research for my market, and for some good article marketing, I realised that the more SPECIFIC the search terms (2 and more keywords) the better the plugin performed. (by performance, I mean bringing IN traffic according to search queries in google analytics)

So if you want to give it a try, go ahead, you have a 6 step instruction for your free incoming search terms plugin above in the menu.


  1. Whats seo tagging?

  2. Hello! In your article did you base on any studies or these are fully your own thought? Thank you so much in advance for your reply.