How To Find Micro Niche Marketing Strategy Ideas

To know How To Find Micro Niche Marketing Strategy Ideas and generate a decent revenue as a passive income with a blog you would first need to understand the definition of what all of this means.

How to find profitable micro niche marketing strategy ideas for your passive income blog using FREE tools

The definition of a blog is a site that use to be called a bulletin log where an author or authors would write down an update on a scientific project, school work, or an adventure or journey of some sort. Little did they know how blogs would catch such a viral momentum and give birth to the official web 2.0.

The definition of a passive income is a way to make money with little to no active effort.
Marketing strategy ideas would be multiple small  plans of action towards a greater goal to expose one product, website or blog in a creative and attention attracting way.

A niche would be a specific topic or category of topics in life, online or even a job. This could be health, sales, construction, animals, furniture, etc.

Now the micro part of the niche: small, small target, small market, overseen demand, ignored audience, habitual yet forgotten need, a product used on a daily basis with little or no specific thought given.

Top things you will need to find a micro niche marketing strategy idea.

So now that I have decomposed it for you, here are the top things you will need to start a blog and monetize it for a steady yet passive income are as follow:

A little bit of expertise in any given subject. Or any given micro niche market that surrounds you daily. At work, on tv, at home etc. If you don't have the expertise, you can always hire some one on elance or fiverr.

Another thing you will need for your strategy is a good keyword tool. I recommend the google keyword tool which is free, and start typing in common phrases, products, specific audiences or health issues, home made things, new but yet unheard of trends, local services, and see if here are any interest. Gather around a good category of phrases that add up to a good 2000 to 10000 searches monthly in the "exact" not broad type of search and start composing 300 to 500 word articles for each phrases interlinking them from one article to another. Or hire someone to do it for you.

Now as your articles start being indexed, creating a few web 2.0 profiles and free websites like weebly, Wordpress, and blogger with similar articles pointing towards these articles for a sound and natural backlinking strategy. That is also called article marketing.

With a sound monetization way like Adsense or affiliate products or even your own op-tin lead generation or private advertising ad space sales on your log, this micro niche marketing strategy idea finding with free tools way should make you a good and passive income slowly but surely.


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