How To Make 5 Grand Fast

Many people starting in the Internet marketing are on the lookout for the magic pill so called get rich fast with no effort, thinking thats what passive income is, and that money will just directly flow into their bank account with one of those set it an forget schemes or ebooks. Thou there are mostly scams, some affiliate programs and e-books cant and will reveal and teach you how to make a decent income with a blog, but here's the secret: it won't be fast, and it won't be 5 grand right away.

To make 5 grand fast, try making 1$ slow first

The logic behind passive income is that you must first build a blog with unique content (unique because Google WILL penalize you if its copy pasted or even "spun" articles) that are short and sweet, that add value to you readers. For articles of 300 to 500 words, it should take you 15 to 30 minutes if no research has to be done first. So build content slowly.

 Link from one article to another to create a logic and organised WEB (hence the internet was built as a world wide, web) and find ways to link to specific articles from outside your blog or web site (called backlinking and offsite SEO). Then when you have a good 30 articles all mentioning the same key phrase, or keyword from one niche, written in a unique short and sweet way, plus you find ways to inter-link them and create backlinks to them, it will be time to monetize and make your first 1$ with your internet marketing efforts.

Theres a few proven ways to monetize your blog and make some money. Join affiliate programs like Clickbank which are free, put some Adsense ads, by google, also, free. Or write a compilation of your best content, your best articles and turn it into an ebook. Within 30 days most people following this common sense are able to make their first slow money, first 1$ online. Now logically keep doing what works, stop doing what doesnt.

If making 5 grand fast would be possible...

Then no body would work anymore. Everyone would be blogging. Set realistic goals, aim to make 1$ a month. Rinse and repeat to turn it into 10$ a month withing a few months. Increase your search engine optimization slowly, (seo) keep doing some great article marketing through guest posting on other blogs referring back to your content, keep backlinking daily, at least one backlink a day. Make friends online with authors of similar niche bloggers, and offer to post their articles on your site linking to them, the source.

Before you know it, you could be making 3 to 5 hundred dollars every few months, then per month as an income. To make good passive income, be active just a few hours a week after work, a few days a week and keep at it. Read, research, re-invest into your knowledge, like buying not too expensive ebooks, an example would be the :how to make 3 to 5 grand a month. It won't be fast, but stick to it and it will be sure money.